Investment policy


Partner businesses, government and private investors will invest alongside each other, with FORUS infrastructure enabling a secure neutral and transparent transactional platform.

The African Wealth Fund invests in commercial projects that have by design a healthy social contract with the workers and producers and community whose resource is being used in the supply chain.

Community development, skills development and knowledge transfer are core components of all projects rolled out using the African Wealth Fund resource. The commitment to building resilient communities is embedded into the local economic development partnerships we are facilitating and is designed in as a core component of the financial and project architecture.


Investments will leverage the platform and the requisite assets and resources to deliver a full solution to address the needs of the local producers with regards to access to markets, skills and knowledge as well as the financial resource in a supported environment.

Primary producers will be enabling the people of Africa to reap the benefits of the leveraging of their natural assets, land and labour and build their economies and communities in a sustainable way.


The FORUS Foundation will oversee the embedding of “Future Fit” logic at the heart of the technology, and the protection of ecological and human rights in the projects funded through the fund and 4RXCapital Bonds.

All investments made by the African Wealth Fund will be tokenised and transacted on the FORUS platform. African Wealth Fund investors will be able to see the performance of the underlying businesses in a live environment.

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