The Fund will be deployed on catalytic projects in the Eastern Cape, Lesotho, the Caribbean, California and Atlanta. The Fund was incorporated on 26th May 2019 and is registered as MahalaX (Pty) Limited.

The Fund is initially raising $15 Million in equity and a further $35 Million in Debt. The Equity is going to be a mix of Private Equity ($10 Million), and member’s contribution of ($5 Million), invested by MahalaCoin, the equity token at the core of the FORUS Platform.


The authorized share capital of the Fund is 15 Million shares at a par value of $1. (‘shares’)

Class A Shares
Class B Shares
Class C Founders Shares

10 Million shares of par value $1 5 Million shares of par value $1 12 000 shares of par value $1

Private Investors – non-voting
MahalaX fund investment – non-voting ‘Founder Shares’ Voting Rights of the Fund

There are no options in existence for any capital of the Fund. Founder’s shares carry the voting rights of the fund.

The Directors may establish and maintain funds in respect of one or more classes of Fund Shares and within which all assets and liabilities attributable to the relevant Class of Fund Shares shall be held.


Each class of Shares participate pro rata in the assets of the Fund attributable to that class on winding up or dissolution, subject to the prior satisfaction of any liabilities of that class. The Fund is a closed-ended investment. The Shares are non-voting, but holders of Shares are entitled to have a view into a real-time performance of the underlying investments. Other companies related to or controlled by the Investment Manager may hold more than three-quarters of the issued Shares of the Fund. The minimum aggregate number of Shares that must be held by an investor are detailed below.