What are Mavens?


We are inviting key individuals to join our Maven program and direct the investment on the platform.

We’d like you to invest in $1000 worth of MahalaX at a 20% discount to the listing price and participate in the early investment decisions.

We’ll be using the power of crowdfunding and smart contracts to pool our collective experience and wisdom to shorten the funding cycle. Promising projects will be presented for voting by a global community of Mavens. Further benefits will include opportunities to invest alongside other investors on the platform, and network, mentor and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

What makes a maven?

Personal Brand

MahalaX Mavens

  • Circular Economy thought leader, Ireland.

    Dr Geraldine Brennan
  • Entrepreneur, IT professional and Founder of a software testing company.

    Cinga Batsamayi
    South Africa
  • Entrepreneur and Thought Leader in skills development and digital education in the Supply Chain and Logistics.

    Greta Froise
    South Africa