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Africa has an abundant supply of talented, industrious, hardworking people, with millions of hectares of available fertile land. The missing piece has been and remains – CAPITAL.
The African Wealth Fund has been designed to take the first risk on a project and to provide a platform to securitize SMME and micro-agriculture loans at scale.
The African Wealth Fund is investing in businesses operating in the Fintech, Agri-tech, Education, Sharing Economy including Student Housing, Transport Cooperatives and Tourism.


MahalaX is the equity token of The African Wealth Fund. MahalaX has been designed to play a strategic role in local economic development globally.
MahalaX has been allocated across the FORUS ecosystem strategically and enables the appropriate distribution of the equity in the hands of investors and the users of the platform.
MahalaX is a stable coin, that will be tradable on crypto asset exchanges globally post listing.
MahalaX achieves stability through a combination of collateralization, liquidity cushioning, securitization and revenue generation.

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