FORUS has been established to provide a digital cash solution that gives its users free store of value, free transactions and provides interest free finance to productive enterprises.
FORUS Digital is the operational entity of FORUS, and the African Wealth Fund is the entity established to raise, generate and manage the funds used to provide finance. FORUS is supported by an organisational and governance structure that ensures its integrity.
FORUS has created an equity stablecoin MahalaX which is used to distribute the wealth created to its investors and users. Universal stakeholding is achieved through the distribution of MahalaX across the platform user groups. All FORUS Group entities distribute 20% of all their earnings back to MahalaX.
The method of exchange within the FORUS Digital platform is through a fiat-backed stablecoin, in the form of electronic legal tender, or digital cash. There is a blockchain for each country of operation, which is the clearinghouse for the digital cash in that country. In South Africa, the token is the ZarT. It’s value remains the same as the South African Rand.



The Exchange


The African Wealth Fund and MahalaX represent a new sustainable and ethical financing model that ‘democratizes’ investing and financing.